China looks at Cedartown Georgia for real estate investments!

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Real estate investments

From million-dollar trophy homes to more modest condominiums, Chinese buyers are the fastest-growing segment of global property buyers with over US$7.2 billion in sales in 2009 and US$37 billion in 2013.

In the past few years, Chinese buyers have started to make their presence felt on the global property market, snapping up everything from luxurious trophy homes and vineyards, to more modest condominiums and investment opportunities. For many Chinese, global property investment is an emerging opportunity which until recently was out of reach.

Second only to the US in terms of international buying power, Chinese buyers represent a tremendous new market opportunity for property sellers around the world. CBRE estimates wealthy Chinese will invest as much as $180 billion on international property. Yet, new opportunity brings new challenges in reaching, communicating and engaging this new market.

China eyes Cedartown Georgia for real estate investments.

As investors from around the world look for untaped promising real estate markets, its China investors who are looking the hardest at places like Cedartown Georgia.

Below is a link to a new property that is a prime candidate.

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