Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws

Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws!

Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws!

Georgia laws cover many aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship.

When a person pays rent to live in a house, apartment, condominium or mobile home, the renter becomes a tenant governed by Georgia law.

A tenant, property owner, property manager have certain rights and responsibility under Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws. Even if there is no written lease, these laws regulate the tenant’s rights.

The Landlord is required to rent a dwelling that is fit to be lived in. It must have working plumbing, hot water, and heating, be structurally sound and have reasonable security, including working and locking doors and windows, and it must be free of pests. The landlord must also comply with local health, building, and safety codes. If the landlord has to make repairs to make the dwelling fit to live in, the landlord must pay.

Property owners and managers are liable for accidents that occur on their properties if the injured person can prove that the owner or manager was negligent.

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