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Moving to Georgia

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The state of Georgia attracts more than 100,000 new residents each year, and they’re moving there for more than just the peaches. In addition to a pleasant year-round climate and laid-back Southern lifestyle, Georgia boasts plenty to see and do. If a move is in your future, here are six reasons you should consider moving to Georgia.

1. Atlanta, the capital, is amazing.

There will never be a shortage of things for you to do in the state capital. This is probably why Atlanta is the seventh most visited city in the United States, with more than 35 million visitors each year. You can take a stroll through Woodruff Park in the heart of downtown Atlanta. This six-acre park includes an open air Reading Room, fountains, and custom playground. Families will enjoy a visit to the Georgia Aquarium, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even swim with sharks.

2. It’s safer than you think.

Moving to Georgia isn’t scary. Some of the newest cities in Georgia are also the safest according to SafeWise’s safest cities in Georgia report, and many of them are just outside Atlanta. Safe neighborhoods, relatively short commutes, and good schools make the suburbs ideal for Georgia newcomers. If country living is more your style, Georgia is remarkably safe. The town of Auburn, for example, reported just 76 crimes in all of 2012. Wherever you end up, you can take added precaution to secure your home and prevent crime with these Georgia state home security and crime prevention resources.

3. Living in Georgia is affordable.

Georgia boasts one of the lowest costs of living in the United States, coming in well under the national average. One study by the US News and World Report also ranked Georgia as one of the best places to retire or live well for under $40,000 a year. A number of large companies, including CNN, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot, have headquarters in Georgia, making job opportunities plentiful, depending on skillset and experience. Also, did you know that Atlanta was recently named the top city for college grads.

4. It’s a sports-lover’s paradise.

Georgia has a wide range of sports teams from college to pro to keep sports fans occupied all year; Atlanta even hosted the Olympics in 1996. The Atlanta Falcons, Hawks, and Braves make up the major professional teams in the state. Georgia is also a prominent golfing destination and hosts the Masters Tournament each year in April. If you’d rather play sports than watch them, golf and fishing are among the most popular. Georgia is home to nearly 400 golf courses, while more than 1.3 million Georgians fish thousands of miles of trout and warm water streams each year.

5. Farmer’s Markets are everywhere.

What’s the best place to get your hands on some of Georgia’s famous peaches? A local farmer’s market, of course. There is no shortage of farmer’s markets in the state. Visit one of hundreds of farmer’s markets to support local farmers and find delicious locally-grown produce and other fresh market goods, including milk, bread, cheese, flowers, and more.

6. There are festivals galore.

There are festivals for just about everything in Georgia. Bluegrass festivals are plentiful and offer a great sampling of the genre’s Southern roots. Foodies in particular will love the many food festivals, which range from wines and brews to pigs and peaches. The Yellow Daisy Festival, an arts and crafts show that attracts 200,000 visitors, is a great family affair with art as well as entertainment. And of course, the Georgia Peach Festival is a must-do that includes peaches, fireworks, and the chance to sample the world’s largest peach cobbler.

With safe neighborhoods, tons to see and do, and a low cost of living, a move to Georgia means definite happiness.

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